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Located at a distance of 16 kilometers from Trivandrum city, Kovalam beach is an attractive tourist destination in Kerala. The beach offers many facilities for keeping tourists amused, enthused and mesmerized. Tourists at Kovalam Beach Kerala can do sunbathing and swimming. Additionally, the beach is ideal to take long walks and watch the magical sunset while the warm water softly laps at your feet.

The place is world-known for its beautiful huts offering extensive exposures and open view of the beach extending in front of you. Moreover, Kovalam is world famous for its Ayurvedic spas and rejuvenation centers. Various Kovalam resorts offer extensive range of prime quality services and facilities to tourists coming from across the world. Travelers may savor multi-cuisines in Kovalam beach resorts, and enjoy a flavor of Kerala hospitality.

Kovalam beach Kerala houses some outstanding Ayurvedic rejuvenation centers which help travelers get de-stressed and feel rejuvenated. Yoga and meditation programs in the Kovalam beach resorts are other major tourist attractions. There are two parts of Kovalam beach e.g. Eve's beach and Lighthouse beach. The Eve's beach is a semi circular beach, secluded spot lined with palm trees; and the Lighthouse beach has a famous lighthouse that has been fighting the tempests for time immemorial.

 Kovalam Beach Kerala has some excellent range of hotels including of Uday Samudra Leisure beach Hotel, Hotel Samudra (KTDC), Sea Face, Hotel Neelakanta, Raja Hotel, Jasmine Palace, Marine Palace, Hotel Rock Holm, and many other. With exuberant climate, natural abundance of herbs and medicinal plants beach resorts at Kovalam offer suitable Ayurvedic curative and restorative solutions.

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