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Gwalior India has something for everyone e.g. temples for devotees, historical forts and shrines for archaeologists, and business tourist destination for traders as it is one the industrial center of trade and commerce in India. The birth place of legendry musician Tansen, Gwalior houses one of strongest forts of India. Gwalior travel leaves you amidst music and celebration of tradition as the city still contains all the ingredient of traditional India.

Travel to Gwalior becomes even more fruitful when done during the celebration of Tansen Musical Festival which is celebrated during the month of November and December. Accommodation in Gwalior is not an issue as various hotels in Gwalior offer excellent range of standard accommodation facilities to travelers at very competitive tariffs. Gwalior India is located near to Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, etc. which in themselves are popular tourist destinations of India.

Some luxury hotels in Gwalior such as Usha Kiran Palace, Hotel Central Park, Hotel Shelter, etc. offer extremely luxurious facilities and amenities to travelers which are comparable to any hotels in developed countries. Gwalior hotels and restaurant therein offer extensive range of recipes and cuisine such Indian, Thai, Mexican, Chinese, European, etc. to travelers.

Some popular tourist destinations in Gwalior such as Gwalior Fort, Man Mandir, Teli-ka-Mandir, Saas-Bahu Temple, Jai Vilas Palace, Tomb of Tansen and Tomb of Ghaus Mohammed, etc. were built centuries ago but have not lost their charm and glamour even now. Tomb of Tansen and Ghaus Mohammed are worth to mention for music lovers. Music lovers from all across India travel to Gwalior to see the famous tomb of legendry musician.

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